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This is a free coloring pages website mostly for younger children but I guess it could be fun for kids of all ages.  As a resource intended for kids, I am careful to inspect and monitor all of the content that fills the site.  I have also taken steps to voluntarily rate the sites content with several external organizations including ICRA, SafeSurf, and others. Although I make every effort to ensure that sites linked too do not contain inappropriate material for children, I could always use your help in keeping it that way.  If you come across any questionable material on sites that you navigated too from here please alert me so that the path can be removed.  In my opinion, it will require a concerted community effort to effectively shield kids from the disturbing things that are all too prevalent in the online world.  I appreciate your assistance in creating a safe and useful resource for teachers, parents and especially kids! :)

Safe for Kids Internet Content Rating Association

About the coloring pages, sheets and pictures.

In order to create good printable coloring pages I have saved many of the files in .pdf document format.  You will need the free acrobat reader program installed on your computer in order to print these sheets.  If you don't have a copy of it you can visit to download it for free.

Get Adobe Reader

Please note that you may need to adjust your printer properties in order to properly print sheets listed as (.jpg) and (.gif).  A common setting is "fit to page size" or something similar.  Since there are so many different printers and programs used to drive them it is impossible for me to offer any kind of support! Sorry.

All of the pictures to color on this website, to the best of my knowledge, are public domain. (or we have created)  If you come across coloring pages that you believe to be in violation of copyright, please contact me immediately at [email protected] so that I may remove the material or credit the holder.  All the sheets marked with CCG or our web address are pictures drawn by my wife, (thanks honey!) and are free to distribute online or off, so long as the credits or website link remain in tact.  Category explanations were provided by the free encyclopedia .

About linking with this site.

Currently I am only interested in exchanging links with other websites that contain coloring pages, related supplies or art products.  If your site falls into one of these categories and you are interested in a link back, please place one of the codes on your website then fill out this form so I can do the same. (*upon approval - see requirements for inclusion) Thanks!

I appreciate anyone who is interested in linking to this site!

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Free Coloring Pages

<a href="">Free Coloring Pages</a>


Free Coloring Pages for Kids

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Free Coloring Pages for Kids

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Linking Instructions:

Right click on the image you would like to use & an click "save picture as" and save it to a folder on your hard drive.  Cut and paste the associated code and place in your .html file.  Then upload the .gif file and add the .html to your website and presto!  See above if you would like a link back.

Tip - If you use a WYSIWYG editor (like MS Frontpage) and are having trouble adding our link to your site, try copying the code to notepad and then copy/paste it into your editor to remove the text formatting.


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